Friday, March 9, 2012

Too much energy keeping users on our sites?

We spend too much energy keeping users on our sites. We should focus more on reminding them we exist.

(source) Go over and read this article, then come back -- OK, so I'm trying to keep you here. What do you think? The author contends:

I would prefer a user to visit my site on six different occasions for one minute each, than once for six minutes. That is because they will have been told about my site six times and so will be ready to take what I have to say seriously.
 and I think that, in some ways, I agree with him, especially about small sites like this blog. I have spoken about software being a place and more people are using aggregation software on their mobile devices to get their information. What you want is for the user to spot your entry and click over to your site for more information on your subject of interest because they have been there before and know that you have something important or interesting to say.

You need keep reminding your potential readers through entries in their places -- tweets, Facebook and Google+ entries . . . -- that you have something to say on the subject and that it's worth their time to drop by and read it.