Sunday, June 22, 2014


So this morning, I'm thinking about the morning...

What "places" do you visit when you first get up? My routine has changed and involves places on the Internet and devices rather than newspapers or other physical things delivered to the house.

Do you check your e-mail; look at Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other site; or check your work e-mail? How has your routine been affected by technology? What device do you check first. Do you turn on the television, listen to the clock radio, or check your smart phone?

I'm sure the "places" you are in the morning has changed over the years. I know mine has. One a weekday, for example, I first look at my work phone -- yes, the fact that I even HAVE a work phone is a change. I'm on-call and want to know that things that ran overnight actually ran. It's a cursory look, but it IS the first thing I do. I get my news, almost exclusively from the web. I don't turn on the TV in the morning mainly because I get up earlier than the rest of the family and don't want to disturb them. On a weekday, I'm a "quick our the door" kind of guy and don't spend any time at home before going to work. On the weekends, holidays, and vacations, I spend more time -- again, on the Internet.