Friday, March 8, 2013

So my parents come into my room unannounced...

Baret Steed is tired of Facebook. She’s had an account since she was 13, but isn’t a fan of the fact that the social network now includes not only her friends, but also her parents, aunts, and uncles. “It’s almost like they’re the only ones on there,” she says. “All your relatives are constantly commenting on your stuff. I appreciate the gesture and wanting to keep up with my life, but it’s kind of annoying.”

Yep. There should be no expectation of privacy on the Internet for kids from their parents.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Working from Home -- Another Place

Since Yahoo restricted work-at-home options for their employees, there has been a great deal of discussion. I like this place for work occasionally as it provides the flexibility needed to make work-life balance, well, balanced. But the bottom line on Yahoo's decision will be whether it is good for business -- read profitable. Since providing this additional place for people to work is primarily a personnel decision and people are expenses, the effect on productivity, retention, hiring, job satisfaction will be the ultimate test of this decision and all the debate in the various places will be moot. One can by cynical and say that this might be a move to get higher-priced talent to leave so that the company can hire H1-B personnel, but I can't make that comment as I have no knowledge. The profit equation will be the deciding factor for Yahoo. You can probably tell that my personal opinion is that it is the wrong decision and I know that, were I looking to change jobs and join Yahoo, this would definitely be a negative factor in my decision.