Sunday, October 26, 2014

What does this say about our society?

This is irritating. Can someone explain why this is the top story in Top Stories?

Can someone explain why it is even a story?

There are so many more important things than some celebrity's appearance in the world. I'm not certain why this even rises to the level of a story, let alone a "top story". Let's hear about something "real" going on in the world, not some speculation whether this actress or that actor had work done.

OK, I really DO know why this is a story. People are more interested in this "fluff" than they are in the important things in the world. They would rather read about some celebrity -- most of which are basically useless -- than they would about situations in Africa, or even at home.

Relegate it to the lifestyle page, if you must, but don't call it a top story.