Thursday, July 25, 2013

OneNote Fixed

With the most recent update to this excellent note taking program, Android tablets broke. Microsoft has fixed the issue and, I must say they have a winner. I am a long time fan of this program and,with the upgrade to the mobile platforms it is really quite nice. It has always been an excellent note taking platform on the PC. The mobile platforms and SkyDrive add a dimension to the system. I'm working on some articles about social media creation using various tools and one which will play prominently is OneNote. Watch for it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

OneNote still messed up on tablet

I haven't given up on OneNote quite yet for my tablet but it is very frustrating that Microsoft hasn't fixed it yet. I'm resorting to other alternatives, but they just aren't as good. I have started to use my Ubuntu netbook--yes I do have one of those--with SkyDrive to create content, but this post is being written on my Acer A100. I have even considered a Windows 8 tablet or iPad, but just can't justify the cost. More in the continuing saga.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

OneNote on Android Tablet gone to Hell

The last "upgrade" to OneNote failed for my tablet. This sucks since OneNote is an excellent program and the tablet was one place it worked well. Noe Microsoft has screwed that up. It's very frustrating and I'm actively looking for a viable alternative. So far no luck. One thing that keeps me from purchasing a possible alternative is the hope that this is only a temporary glitch. More later.