Friday, February 24, 2012

Finding value in a place . . .

Are you finding value in all the places where you are? If you're selling something, I can see some value in exposure, but for most of us, I'm beginning to wonder if all these places -- Twitter, Facebook, Google+ -- are really worth it.

Do you get value from those you are following? In my case, it's a qualified "maybe". I work through my list periodically and evaluate it, eliminating those from which I'm not getting any value. Otherwise, at least for me, I can't follow all their tweets, messages, likes, etc.

Do you produce anything worth following? I really wonder in my case, because it seems that a large number of my followers are people who want me to follow them so they can sell me something.

The quest continues.

Friday, February 17, 2012

An Application as a Place

In the last blog I talked about a device as a place. Now I'd like to consider an application (app) as a place. The choice of a news aggregator, social media, or video app puts you in a place from which you view and interact with the world. From this place you view things and state YOUR views. If you have an app which anticipates your selections you are choosing what comes into your place. Sp the act of choosing the app creates a place into which you invite the world and from which you go out into the world. You use software which fits your way of interacting with the world and which makes you comfortable much as your favorite places.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Device as a Place

Can a device be a place? A phone, tablet, or laptop can organize your life. Many people communicate with their friends more via texting than they do in person. We spend as much time in social media places as we do in physical places. So, why not?

I have used a phone for work for some time, but have just recently gotten an Android tablet. So I'm new at this device place. It will take me a while to evaluate this place. Sort of like moving into a new neighborhood. It takes some time to check out the local hot spots. I'll have more as I work in this new place.