Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celebrities as News?

On NPR recently, they had an entire piece on Charlie Sheen's meltdown. Why is this news? Is every news outlet becoming a tabloid newspaper in the search for profits, even non-profit organizations like NPR? OK, I can see some value in this story. After all, he is the star of the most popular sit-com on US television and that property means scads of cash for the company which produces it and the network that airs it, not to mention the other places where it is in syndication. So, maybe that part part belongs on the business page detailing how these organizations are loosing (making?) money from Charlie's antics. But do I really have to sit an listen to a 4-5 minute piece on NPR like it was on the same level as the activity in the Arab world? Of course not, I can change radio stations or choose another form of news like podcasts or such. I am really tired of the cult of celebrities which the world seems to have fallen into where people make news just because they are rich or famous or something . . . Come on world, more about what really matters and less about the rich and famous.

OK, now I'll stop mentioning celebrities just because . . .

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