Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why is this Top News?

What is wrong with our society when this is "top news"?

I use News360--in general a very good news aggregator--but, can someone explain why this article is in the section "Top Stories". OK, it's a picture of a pretty, famous woman in a small swimsuit, nothing particularly wrong with that. But, what makes this a "Top Story" over news which affects me and the world more?. Why is it in that category? Put it in the "Celebrities" category, that way when I want to know about the vacuous lives of the super-rich and famous, I can go there and see just how pitiful my life is. But, give me stories in the "Top Stories" which have something to do with the "real" things which are happening in the world. It's no wonder that people in the U.S. know more about the intimate details of the lives of actors than they do about geography or world affairs.

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