Sunday, August 26, 2012

Interesting Social Media Landscape

Social Media Landscape 2012 «

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One of the most interesting things about today's social media landscape is the rush to mobile devices. I'm composing this on a tablet and many have access to a mobile phone. Many spend a good deal of time on those places. In developing a message today, the mobile places are as or more important than the traditional ones. If you aren't thinking mobile, you are likely missing much of your intended audience.

Thinking mobile means thinking small, precise, and focused to be able to take advantage of the smaller real estate on portable devices. Thinking mobile also means thinking connected. That is providing your audience with a means to share your message easily with others in their places. When you publish, you need to be ready for sharing. Your message, at least in part, can spread quickly from place to place. You need to think of all parts of your message being quoted, pinned, tweeted, pasted just about anywhere at phenomenal speed.

It's a rapid, interconnected eco sphere in which your place is connected with all other places at the speed of light.

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