Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Online Place -- The Library

Yep, a new place to find me is at the library. Not the brick and mortar building, but the one on the net. To keep up with the times, libraries are offering eBooks and other online offerings and I'm there.

I have long complained about the cost of eBooks and have avoided them for that reason. With physical books you can get used ones to save some dough, but with eBooks you don't have that option.

Now our library offers eBooks to check out, just as you would a physical book. You can reserve them if all the copies are out and get an email when it is available. All the stuff you would do at the physical library.

There is one drawback from my point-of-view. One is the 3 week checkout period. Sure that's plenty of time to read most books, but sometimes it isn't. If you purchase the book, no big deal. If you get it from thee library, either physical or virtual, it might be. The savings are definitely worth this minor inconvenience.

So check out your library's web site and enjoy reading at an affordable cost.

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